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      Is a set of design, production, sales, installation and commissioning, maintenance as one of the automation of new enterprises, professional development and production for the LED, electronics, automotive, solar, home, jewelry, photovoltaic industry and a series of Automation equipment, mainly a plastic machine, plastic machine, printing machine, screw machine, spraying machine, LED module filling plastic machine, LED light bar Dijiao machine, LED full tube light bar filling machine, electronic products dispenser , Automatic on-line dispenser, power filling machine, resistance irrigation machine, filter filling machine, ignition coil filling machine, car lights Dianjiao Ji, solar filling machine and other types of non-standard automation Equipment, equipment, user-friendly design, with easy to understand, easy to operate, the operation of small errors, high operating accuracy, equipment adaptability, can be a multi-purpose machine; the company can also be based on the different needs of customers, to provide the best solution , To provide customers with the most high-quality products and services.
   With the rapid development of mechanical automation, the company followed the pace of the times, and actively respond to the call of the industry 4.0, within a few years, the rapid development of a professional engaged in a professional design, production and sales of the elite team, strong technical force, Advanced detection methods, focusing on research and development and production to meet the needs of the market automation equipment.
   The company to service-oriented, social services for customers to solve problems, to help customers solve the development of the recruitment difficulties encountered, difficult management problems, is the major small and medium enterprises to achieve the best automated production partners; The best products, good after-sales service for customers to solve worries.

Mission: to become a well-known international brand of automation, to become an industry benchmarking; Vision: to create benefits for customers, to provide opportunities for employees and to realize value for the society; Core values: quality first, rapid response, heavy reputation, heavy service;

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Automobile industry
LED industry
Ornament industry
Home industry
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